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Windows 11: Microsoft backtracked, there will be no ads in File Explorer

By daniele

Faced with the controversy generated by Florianโ€™s tweet, Microsoft decided to backtrack.ย 

In a press release relayed by The Verge, Brandon LeBlanc, software manager at the Redmond firm, provides explanations:

โ€œThis was an experimental banner that was not intended to be published externally and which has been deactivated.โ€

In other words, Microsoft was only supposed to test this feature internally, and its deployment of build 22572 would be a mistake.

However, the publisher does not specify that these tests are intended for. If we should therefore enjoy a File Explorer free of all ads for a while, nothing says that these will not be essential in the future.ย 

  • Windows 11 by Microsoft: what we should expect

Windows 11 build 22572 will bring some interesting changes to File Explorer. The most notable is undoubtedly the addition of tabs, a feature requested by users for a good ten years.

But if it could satisfy many, Microsoft could attract the wrath of the majority. Indeed, the other novelty detected by Insiders is the appearance of ads within the utility.

It was a screenshot posted by a program member called Florian that started the tornado.

Above, we discover an advertising banner directly integrated into the File Explorer, on which we can read:ย 

โ€œWrite with confidence in your documents, your e-mails and on the web thanks to the advanced writing suggestions of Microsoft Editor.โ€

  1. Microsoft is still trying to advertise in Windows

According to XDA Developers, this banner appears only when the Documents folder is open.ย 

Another user indicates that he came across and advertisement extolling the merits of PowerPoint within the File Explorer.

In other words, it is possible that Microsoft seeks to contextualize its advertising, placing it in the most appropriate places for the user.ย 

At least, according to his view of things. Indeed, despite multiple attempts, the firmโ€™s advertisement within Windows have never been very well received.ย 

We remember in particular the very annoying pop-up that promoted Edge last year. On Twitter, the reactions were not wrong. And each of them called on Microsoft to immediately abandon this idea.

As always, remember that the features present in the Insiders builds are not all intended to be deployed to the general public.

There is therefore still hope, there is a chance that Microsoft will hear reason and that the File Explorer will remain free of any advertising. The future will tell us.


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