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Whatsapp without smartphone: today it is possible

Whatsapp without smartphone: today it is possible

By daniele

It has long been a feature available only in beta, but now it seems to be coming to everyone: it is finally possible to use Whatsapp without having a smartphone connected to the network, thanks to the new version of multi-devices Whatsapp.

This indirectly allows us to use Whatsapp even without the phone and this greatly changes the relationship we have with the app, because, now, we can use Whatsapp only from a computer or a tablet.

The phone will only be used initially, to configure the other devices to be connected to the same profile. As has always happened up to now with all the news regarding the use of the app in multi-device mode, Whatsapp has not made any announcement on the matter.

Some users, simply, have noticed that something has changed: it is no longer needed, as it happened until a few days ago, use the beta version of Whatsapp Web to use the multi device.

  • Whatsapp multi device: what has changed

Until a few days ago to use Whatsapp on a computer but without having a smartphone at hand it was necessary to use the beta version of Whatsapp Web.

And, among other things, it did not even work very well, so much so that Whatsapp Web was often blocked until we opened Whatsapp from our smartphone.

Now, however, even those who do not use Whatsapp Web beta can clearly read the news, as soon as they try to access their Whatsapp profile from their computer:

β€œNow you can send and receive messages without your phone being connected to the Internet. Use Whatsapp on up to 4 devices and 1 phone at the same time.”

  • Whatsapp multi device: what is still missing

In the same Whatsapp message, you can also read the two main limits of multi-device Whatsapp, which still have to be overcome.

The first is that, however, to use Whatsapp at least initially you need a phone.

The second is that, as in the past, it is not yet possible to use the Whatsapp profile sex on two phones.

Whatsapp Web says it clearly: a maximum of 4 devices are supported but, at the same time, β€œonly one phone”.

  • Whatsapp multi device: the news not to be missed

The work, however, does not seem to be finished at all. New Whatsapp features are coming soon and will include:Β 

  • Link previews;
  • Broadcast lists;
  • Better management of chat history;
  • Improved login process when uploading messages;

The new features are expected already for the end of this month on iOS, while for Android we will have to wait until April 2022.


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