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WhatsApp, now it is official: this is how voice messages will be sent

WhatsApp, now it is official: this is how voice messages will be sent

By daniele

There are 7 billion voice messages sent every day by WhatsApp‘s more than 2 billion users worldwide, a huge number that explains without further ado why there is so much interest from users in anything new related to this kind of messages. 

And it also explains why WhatsApp has just announced several new features on voice messages. 

There are six new features that are about to change, forever, the way we send voice messages and listen to those we have received. 

  1. How WhatsApp will change: the expected new features

The first new feature, very convenient, is the ability to listen to a voice message in the background: after doing the play, in fact, we can exit the chat and go to read something else in Whatsapp, but the message will continue to be played and a small player will appear at the top of the screen.

All voice messages, then, will be shown with the waveform and this will allow us to understand if there are parts of the message more “quiet” and others with the loudest volume. 

Then, third novelty, if we are listening to a message, we pause it and we leave the chat, we will be able to finish listening to that message when we return to that chat. 

The much-appreciated 1.5x and 2x speed for voice, then, will be also available for forwarded messages and not only for those that have been sent directly to us.

Then there are also two important new features for voice recording. The first is the ability to pause and then resume a voice recording, the second is the preview of the voice message: we can listen to it before sending it and, if we do not like it, we can discard it and start recording another one. 

  • WhatsApp: when the new changes will arrive

All these new features are official and for everyone, both on Android and iOS. It is just that they have not reached everyone yet, and that is normal.

WhatsApp has communicated these new features in its blog and stated that “Our users will be able to take advantage of these new features in the coming weeks.”

It is only a matter of a few days, therefore, and a little patience is needed. 

We would like to point out, however, that it is not certain that all the new features will be available at the same time: on the contrary, we expect several days of continuous news until all apps, worldwide, have finished updating the new voice message functions.

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