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What social networks propose in case of death of the user

What social networks propose in case of death of the user

By francesco

Recent judicial verdicts around the world have rekindled the debate over the access of relatives and family members to the accounts of deceased users. Given the development of social platforms and their widespread expansion, it is a theme that is often discussed with various social networks that offer different solutions. Until a few years ago, taking control of the account of a deceased person was an endless epic, among countless requests and permissions to get access information. To date, the situation seems to have improved, although only on the orders of the judge it is still possible to draw on the username and password of the profile you want to check. As for internal policies then the social networks follow several guidelines that it is better to see in more detail.


The social, series head of the now group Meta, is undoubtedly the most prepared platform, at least with regard to this aspect. No to third-party access to the account, since the regulations do not allow it, as well as the social network itself invites not to disseminate the access information in case of death of the user. Unless, while still alive, the user had not personally appointed an heir to manage the account, deciding whether to delete the account or opt for a memorial profile; in the second case it could be the platform itself to opt for this solution automatically, having become aware of the death. This type of account is easily recognizable by the words β€œIn memory of” before the name of the profile and can be checked but with reduced functionality. The heir in charge may allow, for example, friends and family members to collect and share memories of the person who has passed away but not access messages, remove friends or send new requests. All with the ability to permanently delete the account and with it all the content previously available to visitors.


Much more complex and rigid process proposed by the blue bird social that, in case of death of the user, only allows the deletion of the account. Cancellation that can only be ordered by an authorized person or by a close and verified family member of the deceased. Once the removal process has started, the family member will receive an email in which it will be necessary to provide all the information, such as the death certificate and identity document of the applicant, to close the file. Even in this case it is impossible to access passwords or login credentials for the profile, which will be deleted after a thorough analysis of the documents provided. The same applies even if the owner of the account is defined as unable to understand and want. In this case, too, you can collaborate with a person who is authorized to act on behalf of the user, going to deactivate the account forever.


Instagram follows the same path as its cousin Facebook, with the difference that in this case it is not proposed the option of account management by third parties, even if authorized. The account can be transformed into a memorial without being able to intervene in person going to change even the smallest detail. To make the account commemorative, you will also need a document certifying the death, being able to choose this time to proceed with the permanent deletion. In the second case, in addition to the death certificate, the birth certificate must also be provided and a lawyer certifying that recognizes the applicant as the legal representative of the deceased person or an heir.

Tik Tok

The Chinese social network, unlike the others, does not provide functions such as commemorative accounts. You can choose only to delete the profile of the missing person, contacting through the email address [email protected] the managers of the social and providing everything you need to complete the action. You should always be aware that then each type of video content will end like the account, eliminated forever.

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