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Watermelon salad: a refreshing dish for the summer

Watermelon salad: a refreshing dish for the summer

By francesco

Many could turn up their nose thinking of the combination of sweet and salty that comes from this simple dish, able to offer a balanced and refreshing taste. The heat is making itself felt, especially in the big cities, and food is one of the elements that contributes to hydrating the body, giving that feeling of freshness that is impossible to give up. The perfect balance between sweet and saline, with that degree of crunchiness offered by the watermelon, is certainly a valid alternative to the classic rice salads or cold pasta that we usually consume in this period. A simple recipe, which can be prepared even in a few minutes, with an inevitable fruit during the summer and therefore available to anyone.

Tips: the choice of watermelon is crucial to create a perfect dish, we avoid those too light and choose instead the more mature ones of opaque and dark color.

Ingredients for a perfect watermelon salad

For the preparation of a dose for 4 you will need to have:

  • 1 KG of watermelon pulp without scraps;
  • 200 g of Greek feta or any cheese of your choice;
  • 2 seasoned cucumbers;
  • mint leaves to taste;
  • 1 red or white onion;
  • 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar;
  • half of a tablespoon of sugar;Β 
  • salt and oil to taste;
  • pepper to taste;

As it often happens with rice salads there is no real type and number of ingredients to add to the dish. Much depends on personal tastes and what is the food available in the fridge or pantry. Often it is also a way not to waste leftovers by preparing a packed lunch comfortable and ready to taste.Β 

Preparation of the watermelon salad

First it is important to take care of the watermelon, which will have to be cut into cubes and made to drain to eliminate excess water. If necessary, use paper towels to speed up the process. We leave aside the red cubes and now take care to slice the onion that we will then put to macerate in a mixture of sugar, water and vinegar. The longer you leave the mixture to rest, the more it will be soft and creamy to the taste. It is the turn of the feta or cheese chosen that can be cut or crumbled, depending on your tastes. Cutting operation that also involves fresh mint and cucumber, even with the skin for those who love stronger tastes. All the ingredients are now gathered in a single bowl, mixing the salad with the addition of olive oil and white pepper at will.

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