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Tips for a perfect holiday with friends

Tips for a perfect holiday with friends

By francesco

On the wave of enthusiasm linked to the holiday period in which we are immersed, here we are with a new travel-themed article. With the closure of universities and offices, cities begin to empty and as a result they are looking for a way to escape from the heat and everyday life, perhaps in the company of friends of a lifetime. An opportunity to get to know each other better and live together an unforgettable experience, but it is better to do it consciously so that it does not turn into a real horror. The circumstances linked to a β€œforced” cohabitation often lead to compromising even lasting relationships, a problem that, however, can be solved by following a few simple measures. A series of tips that we decided to collect in this article that will turn a simple holiday with friends into a unique and satisfying experience from all points of view.

Think about yourself first

It is not a question of selfishness, but when you travel in particularly large groups it is normal that you have different tastes or that you want to live different experiences, dictated by the unique passions of each individual. For this reason it is essential that everyone maintains a minimum of autonomy, without being pointed out because they simply have different needs or that for this reason we arrive at the quarrel. Trying to satisfy everyone, trying activities to do all together, will inevitably lead to uncomfortable situations that can then compromise the entire journey.Β 

Divide all the expenses

One of the reasons for quarrel when traveling with friends are often and willingly money, especially when it comes to shared expenses. Fortunately, several apps have been developed over the years that meet this need. Mobile applications designed to keep track of shared expenses and can calculate the per capita costs to be addressed. In this way you will have the certainty that each participant will put on the pot the same amount, without being able to complain since the fee is calculated for each cent. Thanks again to the technology.

Be more flexible

When you share the same house, the same moments, the naked and raw everyday life with someone you don’t usually do it with, the discussion is always around the corner. For this reason, even in the face of problems and unforeseen events, it is always better to count up to 10, avoiding controversies or complaints that will only split the group in half, going to ruin the entire trip. Even better to leave biased, perhaps imposing some simple rule that makes living together a pleasure and not a reason for constant discomfort and quarrel.

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