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The new app for cashback on the motorway

The new app for cashback on the motorway

By francesco

It’s called Cashback with plate, the new Italian service offered by Autostrade per l’Italia and developed by the start-up Free To X. Thanks to the new app, called Free To X, it will be very easy to request a refund in case of delays caused by works or traffic jams on the Italian motorway network. Simply download the app from your App Store installed on your device and enter your personal and vehicle data, to automatically receive the money you owe. The refund is guaranteed for both private and for companies, being able to choose also the preferred payment method, starting from 10 minutes of delay but only in the event that the traffic jam is due to construction sites for maintenance work and rebuilding of the road. The amount due shall be calculated automatically in proportion to the time lost and for journeys not exceeding 99 Km.

Why the app is so useful

In fact, the refund plan for this specific case was in place for several months but thanks to the app are different features and amenities that are added. In fact, once registered, users will receive refund notifications from the same app. It will therefore not be necessary to carry out any application process to get the money back, saving you time, let alone validate it through receipts or other similar guarantees. Everything happens automatically and computerized thanks to the collaboration of a complex calculation algorithm and artificial intelligence, together with the numerous cameras already available to the company in Italy. A solution from which to draw inspiration, also for other European countries.

One app, several functions

the plan from beyond 21 billion euros for the modernization of the net of Freeways for Italy – according to the words of the Managing director of Aspi, Roberto Tomasi – is a challenge without precedence: people, competences and technological solutions to the vanguard, are in the field every day on our roads to ensure increasingly sustainable mobility.Β  These efforts involve some inconvenience that we realize: for this we try to offer a refreshment and to meet the needs of our users. The initiative of the β€œcashback plate” is only the last step of a journey aimed at improving the travel experience: it is for us a fundamental project in the relationship with travelers, unique in Italy and EuropeΒ». It is therefore a 360ΒΊ app designed to improve the travel experience of users. A service that also allows you to plan the best route according to the work in progress and scan the receipt of non-payment in case you do not have the right amount to pay the toll. It is also integrated as a function that helps to calculate the cost of the toll and that provides the fuel prices of the gas stations that you meet during the trip. Even car travel is ready for the smart transformation!

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