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The diet to stay light even on vacation

The diet to stay light even on vacation

By francesco

When you visit a new place, there is always that curiosity to try 360 ΒΊ all those foods that characterize the territory. Among typical dishes, desserts and delicacies of all kinds, in addition to the wallet, to lose is very often the body with the appearance of that uncomfortable bacon that is so difficult to remove. A process that however can be avoided by following a simple diet, which then is not if you think about the fact that you just avoid some foods to get to September still in perfect shape. So let’s see together what are the tips to keep the line even in August, in one of the periods when the temptations are always around the corner, especially during a relaxing trip. A desire for relaxation that allows you, with the right precautions, to also allow yourself some disrespect without having to undergo then to who knows what rigid and stressful slimming regimen.Β 

Stay fit during your trip

Let’s start by saying that during the period of great heat, the human body needs much less calories than it requires during the winter months. This is because the body no longer needs to warm up to fight the cold. For this reason, the advice is to spend at least 8 hours between breakfast and lunch, a period of fasting useful to the body to detoxify from harmful toxins without effort. The second tip instead consists in taking a quantity of water of at least 2.5 liters of water per day that guarantees the right drainage and hydration necessary for the sustenance of the body. We are not only talking about water, but also about herbal teas, infusions and fruit extracts that will make up for the loss of minerals due to sweating.Β 

What foods and drinks to avoid

In case you wouldt to give yourself an alcoholic beverage, it is better to opt in this period for a good glass of wine, by far richer in benefits than any other wine or distillate. Also harmful are commercial fruit juices, excessively rich in sugar and food sweeteners, as well as carbonated or spirits. A special attention also to the amount of salt consumed during the day, since there are many foods that contain plenty of them, such as sausages and cheeses. But let’s not dwell only on food and let’s move this time to the cooking method that, given the climate, should not be extremely elaborate or even better if avoided. Why not take advantage of all those vegetables that you can eat raw during this period such as tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini and all kinds of seasonal vegetables. And for ice cream instead? Always better to opt for solutions without milk: a sorbet or an extract of fruit are much richer in taste and vitamins!

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