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Save on bills? Technology makes it possible

Save on bills? Technology makes it possible

By francesco

Trying to avoid waste is a move that in addition to doing good to the current environmental situation in many cases is something good also for the wallet. A good habit, especially in this period when the cost of raw materials has skyrocketed. Rising energy and gas prices are the main factors that are most affecting the family budget, especially after the explosion of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, major suppliers of the above-mentioned raw materials. It is no coincidence that even in this situation it is precisely technology that lowers the impact of these expenses that have become almost unsustainable. In fact, it takes 4 simple moves to put everything into practice immediately.

  1. Replace the bulbs

After the boom of energy saving light bulbs (CFL), it’s time to switch to new led technology. The LED bulbs in fact allow you to save up to 90% of energy compared to the classic ones, and up to 60% compared to CFL. At this point why not think about the purchase of smart products, or bulbs that can be controlled remotely thanks to specific applications or home automation systems. In this way, the initial savings are added to the ability to adjust the intensity and set hours of shutdown and power on, actions that lead to an additional cost-effectiveness.

  1. Intelligent thermostats

Turning to gas, a good way to cut bill prices is to rely on smart thermostats. If you have an independent boiler, thanks to an algorithm the device is able to automatically adjust the thermostat avoiding waste. The system evaluates the outdoor temperature, the presence of people in the house and many other factors, so as to always offer the perfect temperature being able to save up to 30% on the final expense.

  1. Renewal of household appliances

To reduce the cost of electricity, a solution is also to change obsolete appliances, replacing them with low-consumption models. A move that is also encouraged by European funds that provide a tax bonus of 50% up to a maximum refund of 10,000 euros for those who decide to renew electrical appliances. Televisions, computers and large appliances that if left on standby are capable of consuming a large amount of electricity. For this reason, in addition to having to be replaced, it is advisable to use flip-flops with a switch to ensure the total shutdown of devices when not in use. By doing so, you can save 10% up to as much as 25% of your bill.

  1. Assessing a change of supplier

As is often the case for telephone operators, electricity and gas suppliers also offer various promotions for new customers. The simple change of contract can have a big impact on the final price, especially in this period where the fluctuation of raw material costs have a big impact on the bills. Thanks to free price comparators platforms available online, the choice is also much easier. The proposed sites are nothing more than comparators that allow you to check the rates and the most convenient offers in a simple and fast way. In this manner you will be sure that you have made the right choice.

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