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Save money on flights: thanks to VPN it’s possible

Save money on flights: thanks to VPN it’s possible

By francesco

Summer has finally arrived and with it also that uncontrollable desire to travel and to live new adventures. A desire to escape from everyday life that the pandemic, and the consequent restrictions, have made even more necessary. The same pandemic period, however, has also seen a consequent global economic crisis and that for many is synonymous with the impossibility of facing the expenses related to a trip, especially if it is air travel. Crying over spilled milk is of little or no use because the solution is before our eyes. This time thanks go to the VPNs that in a simple way allow you to save on the price of the ticket and why not on that of the Hotel. How? Let’s see it in detail together.

The dynamic pricing behind price increasesΒ 

Before you get a better look at the usefulness of the VPN in this area, it is useful to know the algorithm behind the choice of prices for air flights. Browsing between the various private sites and the price comparison pages you can see that, after the first session, the price increases every time you redirect to the site. At the basis of this principle is called dynamic pricing, an algorithm designed to propose always different rates at each session. This algorithm in fact traces a whole series of parameters such as the frequency of search, the currency used, the place from which you connect and the type of device to propose an increased price whenever you look for a flight for a certain route. To these parameters are also added the type of search, the use of Wi-Fi networks, the time of the flight search session and many other elements that contribute to the stipulation of the final price.

Get Around the Problem thanks to VPN

VPNs are nothing more than personal encrypted networks that thanks to their features allow you to get around the problem. In addition to ensuring a safe and fast browsing, these software are also able to hide your IP address and location while performing an online search. Thanks to the possibility of geolocating yourself elsewhere, it is therefore possible to find more convenient flights, not ending up in the grip of dynamic pricing and therefore being able to save even very important sums. Not having all that information from cookies, the sites where you intend to buy the ticket will then offer the basic tariff, without the slightest increase in price. Another point in favor of VPNs comes from the ability to access the international version of a site, a page that usually offers packages at a much cheaper price. Especially if you are looking for flights within a country or flights for very expensive routes, an attempt to use the VPN should always be granted; if it is a matter of saving then, it is almost mandatory to try.

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