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Samsung and Artificial Intelligence

Samsung and Artificial Intelligence

By francesco

Now it’s Samsung to take the stage, with the new Bespoke collection, innovation and sustainability are the pioneers of change. But not only artificial intelligence, the design will also undergo a sharp update thanks to the ability to customize the aesthetics of each product, adapting it to your personal style. The Korean company offers a whole series of color combinations and supplies that thanks to the application Bespoke Creator AI will be able to combine perfectly with the decor of the room. We are talking about an automated system that, by analyzing the image of your room, in particular the kitchen, suggests how to better customize aspects such as the refrigerator. Based on specific parameters and on the indications provided by the customer, through the smartphone you will have a simulation of the refrigerator already placed in the room, so that you can already have an idea of the finalized project.

Not only in the kitchen, AI ready to conquer the whole house

Although in many countries it has not yet been released, Samsung Bespoke seems to be already the perfect solution to meet the specific demands of the public. The central concept is that of customization, giving life every time to a unique appliance, at the same time β€œsmart” and good-looking. In addition to aesthetics, technology must contribute to improving our lives by focusing more and more on automation, made possible by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Think for example of the AI Pro Cooking function that is able to recognize the ingredients and optimize the oven settings accordingly to ensure a perfect cooking. The same goes for AI OptiWash, which, based on the level of dirt in clothing, automatically doses the water and detergent needed for washing in the washing machine. The IAΒ Optimal Dry is present on the dryers of the Bespoke range and works thanks to a humidity sensor to regulate the temperature and the duration of drying, for maximum efficiency while respecting the environment.

A project that also looks at the environment

Not only automation and synergy between the various appliances in the house, but for Bespoke products the commitment is also linked to the environment. The machines will be able to save different energy by adjusting the settings independently and ensuring a sustainable life cycle at all times. Green aspect that is also underlined by the choice of materials used that have allowed Samsung to ensure a guarantee of up to 20 years, the longest coverage period ever seen in Europe and the United States. Again, the customization factor plays a key role: the modular design offers itself as a solution to change the appearance without needing a new purchase. When you are fed up with the appearance of your appliances, you will immediately have new solutions to renew the environment and adapt it to your personal tastes.

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