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Objects to keep in the house for the holidays

Objects to keep in the house for the holidays

By daniele

When you leave for a trip, in particular for a very distant destination, there is always the doubt of having forgotten some household items to store in your suitcase. In addition to the classic evening dresses and the necessary equipment for your adventures, there are a whole series of accessories and objects that you can not resist, after they have been tested in everyday life. A whole series of useful elements that help to optimize the holiday, focusing on greater comfort and often helping to make even more enjoyable experiences during the holiday. All objects that we will analyze in the next lines of this article. Let’s sit comfortably, ready to take notes on those gadgets ready to make unique the long-awaited break of relaxation.Β 

  1. Vasco Translator M3

Thanks to the product offered by Vasco Electronics, foreign language translations will no longer be an obstacle. This fantastic tool supports 108 different languages and allows you to understand and make us understand practically everywhere you travel. How? Just speak in your native language and it will be the system itself, in a few seconds, to translate everything into the target language set. Similarly, you can also use it during phone calls or to frame text to translate what is reported and make everything more understandable. Its small size is undoubtedly an additional advantage that allows you to carry the translator with you, being able to store it in your backpack or directly in your pocket.

  1. The folding chair with cooler bag by Flying Tiger

For lovers of outdoor trips and camping, this particular folding chair is the perfect accessory for any occasion. Not only will it be possible to rest in the shade and perhaps have a meal in comfort, but also store water and soft drinks directly inside the integrated cooler. Two essential features in one product, what more do you want!

  1. The thermos proposed by Zwilling

Whether it’s sea or mountain, a thermos can always be comfortable to hydrate during the hottest moments of the day. Zwilling, however, thought to go well beyond the standards, offering the public a one-liter bottle, able to keep cold any liquid up to 24 hours ( or hot for 18). It can be easily washed both by hand and in the dishwasher with a convenient cap that serves as a cup, so as to eliminate any waste of plastic while safeguarding the surrounding environment. An ecological and functional choice: why not try it then?

  1. The portable case proposed by Boomster go

Music is for many the perfect adventure companion even on vacation. For those who need to listen to music everywhere, Teufel offers a special Bluetooth stereo speaker that can guarantee deep bass and high volumes without distortion. It can be easily connected to a smartphone or any other device capable of playing music, with the possibility of fixing the system anywhere, even directly on the belt loops of the pants. The product is offered in a single version or alternatively as a pair of speakers, to ensure a perfect experience even in the open air.

  1. Kindle Paperwhite

For many travelers, a good book is always necessary to take a moment of intimacy even on the go. One of the great pleasures of the holiday was made even more convenient by Kindle Paperwhite, the e-book reader most loved by the digital audience. It has a 6.8 screen with adjustable brightness, to be able to read in any light condition and practically at any time of the day.An excellent battery life, up to 10 weeks, mixed with the free integration of Kindle Unlimited for 3 months, a service that offers different texts, magazines and newspapers from around the world.


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