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Mobile phone: do you charge it at night? You are making a big mistake

Mobile phone: do you charge it at night? You are making a big mistake

By daniele

The mobile phone is undoubtedly one of the things we never give up when we have to go out, both because of possible needs and because, now, it is something we never part it.

For this reason, it is often the custom for many people to charge their mobile phone at night to ensure it is always charged the next morning, but in reality this could be a huge mistake. Here is why.

  1. Why charge your phone at night is not good

Charging your mobile phone at night is certainly convenient, as you can be sure that it will be fully charged over a long period of time when you are not using it at all.

In reality, this habit, however convenient it may be, can lead to damage to the battery, unless special precautions are taken.Β 

Once the mobile phone has been fully charged, it will stop absorbing energy and, if it remains in normal operation, it will be discharged again and, as a result, will remain in contact with the current throughout the night.

In the long run, this situation can lead to a deterioration of the battery, so much so that some users are forced to replace it. In some cases, however, the cost can be very high.

  • How to make your mobile phone battery last longer: tips

To prevent the mobile phone from constantly β€œdrawing” power, it is therefore a good idea to put it in night or airplane mode at night, or even to switch if off (alarm clocks now work even when the phone is switched off).

The best solution, however, is to take advantage of the times of the day when we are busy doing high-level work.

With the original chargers and fast charging, smartphones now take very little time (not even an hour) to charge completely and, especially if in good health, the battery lasts easily a day despite the various applications, calls and so on.

Finally, if you have lost it or broke it, to avoid future problems, a good investment would be to buy the original charger for your smartphone.

In this way, you will have your phone fully charged in no time at all, avoiding stressing the battery by charging it overnight.Β 

Last but not least: in order to make your battery last longer, try not to use your mobile phone when you do not need it, for example during your lunch break or when you are meeting friends.Β 

You will enjoy your relaxing moments more and you will also ensure that your mobile phone stays healthy for a long time.

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