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Is seawater good for your hair?

Is seawater good for your hair?

By francesco

For years now online, the combination of sea water and hair is at the center of many discussions with different positions. On the one hand there are those who consider salt water as an element that benefits the scalp while on the other hand there are those who consider it as the source of numerous problems and damage to the hair. Very often you hear that seawater is the number one cause of the dryness and frizz of the hair:  but is it really correct to say that? In fact, it is difficult to answer this question unambiguously, since there are a different number of variables that influence the answer. Much depends on the type of hair, any treatments they have undergone over time and the styling you want to get after washing with fresh water.

Optimal for osmosis and hydration

If the hair is characterized by an extreme production of sebum, presenting therefore fat, the seawater is the perfect ally. It acts as a sebum regulator and performs a purifying action on the hair thanks to the crystals of salt content (35 grams per liter). The crystals are deposited on the skin and absorb excess fat while its hypertonicity results in the process of osmosis. Being rich in different mineral salts, water attracts the liquids contained in the hair fiber altering its hydration. This action is prolonged if the hair remains exposed to wind and sun, since evaporation allows salt crystals to remain on the hair stems. The latter continue to extract water from the hair for several hours after finishing the bath. Processes that can instead be harmful to fine hair, colored or treated, affecting the elasticity and resistance.

What about curly hair?

As for curly and often intricate hair, seawater has the ability to give volume to the hair. Many are in fact cosmetic products on the market that exploit the properties of salt to reproduce the same effect. All this is due to the weakly alkaline marine pH that is the opening of the cuticles in which the salt granules are placed. These help in creating ties that make the curl more defined and voluminous at first impact. Those in the technical field are called beach waves, which in Italian we can translate as sea waves.

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