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How to evaluate a reconditioned product

How to evaluate a reconditioned product

By francesco

Regenerated devices are a great alternative not only to make a good deal but also to give a second life to objects that can still tell their own. On the one hand, therefore, we are talking about an excellent saving opportunity and on the other hand, we are talking about an opportunity to help the environment. The online market of this type of devices is constantly growing among the public and for this reason moving between the many offers and the different specialized sites is not so simple.

Difference between used and reconditioned product

The danger of scamming is always around the corner, especially online where you do not have in front the product that you want to buy. This is even more delicate when it comes to reconditioned products, since the difference between these devices and those used is often not clear. Wrong to consider the two terms as synonyms since the reconditioned systems are often purchased by mistake or perhaps with some manufacturing defect and then returned to the store. However, in the vast majority of cases the reconditioned products are also used but subsequently checked, arranged, if necessary adjusted, then cleaned and sanitized before being put back on the market. Numerous tests are therefore carried out to ensure an excellent level of quality, which is not the case in the second-hand market where the asset could hide some pitfalls not only related to wear, but also to the operation.

Evaluation of the reconditioned product

However, it is not fair to think that all reconditioned products are the same. The quality of the product is in fact very linked by the attention it places on the seller in the regeneration, a factor that then affects the reputation of the shop in general. To this must be added the degree of quality assigned to each product. Simply put it is an assessment that is based on the general conditions of the device that goes from A, maximum degree, to the D. In this case, however, the reference is only for the aesthetics of the object and for all that concerns the condition of the accessories and packaging that may be original or not. Attention also to the duration of the warranty. In some cases, portals like Amazon or Apple offer the classic 24 months also for these products; in any case the minimum duration must be around 12. We do not fall into the trap of thinking that a reconditioned product costs less anyway. Especially if it is launch offers or specific promotions, for a few dozen euros it is always advisable to turn to brand new products. Before buying a product it is good to check what is the real advantage between the purchase of a similar new product discounted and regenerated.

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