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How to create amazing Instagram stories

How to create amazing Instagram stories

By francesco

With the arrival of the torrential heat, we have officially entered the summer season, for many synonymous with travel and holidays. In the foreground we always find social networks, as real travel diaries, useful to tell what are the experiences and emotions related to a place you are visiting. In particular, Instagram seems to go for the most, with the social group Meta now transformed into a narrative-visual medium to share the holidays with their friends and acquaintances. However, it is easy to fall into the obviousness and repetitiveness of the contents, characteristics that can be circumvented by putting into practice the few and simple tips that we will see in the article. Smartphone in hand then and we are immediately ready to go. With the certainty that not only viewers will be more involved in the Stories, but that it will also be pleasant to experience the first-person realization of photos and videos completely different from the usual.

  1. Setting up a narrative sequence

If the purpose is to tell you all about the travel experience you are about to face, it is always better to start with a well-organized content ladder. Let’s start from the title of the project, from which then set a narrative thread that traces every important step of the holiday. You must have in mind a precise methodology with which to tell each experience. From food to people, through landscapes and monuments, everything must follow a common logic and principle that refers to the basic idea of the project.

  1. Surprising shots

The smartphones we usually use now integrate technologies that allow us to obtain professional results with a practicality that traditional cameras do not provide. So let’s use this mobile phone handling to surprise the viewer with characteristic shots. You could think of opting for slightly decentralized photos on the subject, shots that change the point of observation, a study of the points of escape and light, all with the aim of creating interesting and trivial content.

  1. Video in motion

First-person videos are one of the tools that proves to be most engaging for the viewer. The action of moving together with the subject taken from that sense of experience lived even at a distance. The new generation smartphones also have really effective image stabilization systems thanks to which you can use them in motion without getting seasick to those who will see the video. In this way each movement will not be heavy but, on the contrary, will encourage the audience to continue watching something that you are not used to seeing.

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