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How to avoid losing your suitcase at the airport

How to avoid losing your suitcase at the airport

By daniele

Finding yourself without a suitcase once you reach the destination of your trip, is undoubtedly an inconvenience that can completely ruin all the projects made before departure. In particular, in 2022, the average number of lost luggage, damaged or delayed due to the various strikes and the sudden resumption of travel, reached incredible numbers. There is talk of more than 3 million suitcases that have arrived at their destination with more than some damage or in most cases have not reached their destination, being branded as lost. An inconvenience not just from nothing, since in the suitcases we usually store items that are fundamental for our daily lives, beyond the simple clothes to go out. Without then calculating all those travelers who move for work and who have to give up different possibilities of earning for an oversight caused by third people. Thanks to a few simple steps, however, it is possible to reduce the possibility of this happening, so let’s see them together immediately.

Attention during the booking process

When you book your trip it is always advisable to choose a route that does not involve stopovers, even if at a higher cost, to minimize the possibility that your luggage is lost during changes of plane. The situation at airports in this period is quite hectic and the risk of theft or loss of luggage is always around the corner.

Technology as the best ally

Did you know that you can monitor the position of your luggage directly from your smartphone? Well yes, thanks to technology everything is very simple. On the market there are in fact several devices, with or without sim, that once inserted in the suitcase act as GPS to be able to monitor the location of their belongings directly in the app.

Why not opt for insurance?

Often offered free of charge, there are several insurance companies that offer packages that cover the loss or damage of luggage. Often, it is the same baggage manufacturers who include in the price of the product a cover for cases of lost or missing baggage worldwide.

Don’t overdo it with luggage

In particular if it is a short trip, the advice in this case is to have a hand luggage, compared to the classic hold, so you can keep an eye on everything in person. In case of impossibility, it is possible to opt instead for a subdivision of the most important objects, putting some of them in the hand luggage, to ensure that you do not remain completely empty-handed if the other is lost.

Show up in advance at Check-in

The closer you get to your departure, the more likely it is that your baggage will get lost when you load it, as it will be the first to be unloaded. Better get there early then, so you can make sure your suitcase is among the first to be loaded.


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