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Hi-tech anti-theft systems for a safer house

Hi-tech anti-theft systems for a safer house

By francesco

If for many the summer period is synonymous with travel and holidays, you can not miss that minimum of concern for your home, more exposed to the risk of theft. When railings and locks do not seem enough, a whole series of new technological tools come into play designed precisely to protect your home before leaving for the long-awaited summer breaks. We refer to a whole series of new devices that include anti-theft systems, surveillance cameras of all kinds and video intercoms that, in the vast majority of cases, allow a control even on the go, through the simple use of the smartphone. In this article we thought to propose the latest technologies that the market offers us, allies to be able to fully live what for many is the only time of relaxation throughout the year.

Google Nest Cam

The security camera proposed by Big G turns out to be a very useful device for both indoor and outdoor environments. The product is designed to notify the user whenever a movement is detected in the affected area. Despite being battery powered, the cam is able to store up to an hour of recorded events, allowing you to review what happened even in case of power failure or Wi-Fi suspension.

Ring Alarm (Kit composed of 5 elements)

A real kit for home security, complete and also ideal for guarding rather large spaces. Inside the set is offered a control station, a keypad, a contact sensor, a motion detector and a flow amplifier. The operation of each element can be managed remotely, whenever the system detects movements or suspicious movements in the area. With only € 10 more per month, you can also access an assisted monitoring and backup on mobile phone of every data detected.

Ring Video Doorbell

It’s time to switch to video intercoms, the latest technology on the market. The one proposed by Ring is a smart device, equipped with a 1080p Full HD camera that allows you to see, listen and interact with anyone on the other side of your door directly from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Whenever someone rings the door or a movement is detected, the device comes into contact with the owner depending on the connected device. It is not even necessary to connect it to the direct current, since the video intercom is powered by a rechargeable battery.

X1R SMART motorized electric lock

Also with regard to the security locks, the technology helps to make these systems even more effective and safe. The product combines the solidity of a classic mechanical lock with the possibility of being able to control the system electronically from a smartphone or keyboard. Maximum resistance to burglary attempts, with a degree well above average, with the possibility of being able to use even a classic key in case of power failure. Otherwise, you can open the door or lock it even while you are comfortably lying on the beach.

PGST PG-107 home security system

One of the most complete solutions for home security, it offers in a single package a 4.3-inch color touch screen display useful to control each anti-theft system. It includes a control unit, siren, remote controls, door and window sensors and motion detector with which to communicate remotely. Connection via SMS or push notifications on the dedicated app, with the possibility to communicate also through voice commands.

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