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Elden Ring videogame: an animal rights association takes over the videogame to communicate

Elden Ring videogame: an animal rights association takes over the videogame to communicate

By daniele

It is been nearly three weeks since Elden Ring was released, and players are exploring the Underworld, the open world designed by From Software.

Between discovering secrets, clashing and using advanced techniques to finish the videogame in less than 30 minutes, there are many other ways to enjoy it.

Very present in the news and representing the real explosion of the studio in the eyes of the general public, Elden Ring even touches sectors beyond videogames. The latest example? The PETA association (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

  • PETA and videogames, a long-standing relationship

Founded in 1980, this association, developed on a global level, fights to defend animal rights and encourage the end of meat consumption in favor of a less polluting and animal-friendly diet.

The name of the association has often appeared in the videogames news, sometimes to offer a guide to playing โ€œveganโ€ in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, sometimes to point the finger at the virtual treatment of animals in Assassinโ€™s Creed IV: Black Flag, from Far Cry 6 , and sometimes to protest against the use of furs in Warhammer or even offer very inventive parodies.

With the arrival of Elden Ring and its crowd of more or less peaceful animals, the association has once again communicated around a videogame.

As you will have understood, this videogames is none othern than Elden Ring, whose uses PETA to express itself, not without a good dose of humor.

In a short video posted on social media, the non-profit organization offers 5 tips for respecting wildlife in the game:

    1. Walk your dogs on a short stroll around the lake;
    2. Persuade the mercenaries not to exploit the horses;
    3. View wildlife from a safe and respectful distance;
    4. Visit an animal sanctuary;
  • Spend peaceful moments with incredible animals;
  1. Humor as a means of spreading the message

As you can see, the whole humor is based on the fact that the first advice is illustrated by dogs attacking the character, that the bear will certainly try to kill if you get too close, or that the character observes raptors and turtles in the greatest calm, ignoring the surrounding danger.

The conclusion is also full of humor, since PETA invites players to respect animals by illustrating the principle with an excerpt during which the player is caught and demolished by a giant crayfish.

Obviously, the โ€œyou have perishedโ€ is here replaced by a โ€œgo vegan!โ€ย 

If PETA treats the subject with humor, despite the presence of many animals that can be eliminated, it is most likely because it is quite possible to play the title without killing them, and that the main bosses are not.


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