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Casino Games and Gambling in Algeria

Casino Games and Gambling in Algeria

By daniele

Algeria is a North African country located in the Maghreb region. Like most Muslim countries, there are no official casino sites regulated in Algeria. However, like most Arab countries, offshore operators regulate casino sites and offer a variety of slot and table games that players can enjoy online. Overall, gambling is prohibited in Algeria, although there are a few situations where the government allows gambling.

This article will discuss the Algerian Government’s approach to online gambling and whether it is different from the rest of the MENA region.

Is Gambling Legal In Algeria?

The legal system in Algeria is based on sharia law. According to sharia law, gambling is forbidden; thus, the country has a complicated relationship with gambling. However, there are a few select gambling activities legal in Algeria, all of which are used to fund public welfare projects and worthwhile causes. The handful of ways to bet have a 40% tax on winning; thus, it is more charity than gambling. 

Let’s discuss the gambling laws in Algeria in detail.

Gambling Laws In Algeria

Online Betting

Algeria has strict laws and regulations in place for online casino games in Algeria. No form of online gambling is legalized, and no official websites or web-based gaming services are hosted in Algeria. However, the law focuses more on the operation of illegal gambling sites rather than participation. As stated above, players use offshore websites to play popular online casino games.

The punishment is more focused on the provider and is applied to executives, employees, or anyone involved in the operation of a gambling site. The convicted individual is sentenced to prison for 3 to 12 months and charged with a fine of 500 to 20,000 Algerian Dinars.

Offline Betting

There are a few forms of offline betting legal in Algeria, such as horse racing and lotteries, which we will discuss below.


The national lottery, operated by Pari Sportif Algérien (PSA), is the only legal form of offline gambling in Algeria. PSA is the monopoly in the lottery market because it is the only regulatory body that complies with religious and lawful requirements. 

Algerians have access to two lotteries the government deems legal, Loto Erriadhi and Loto Mohtaref. You play these on tickets (the scratch variety), picking 6/49 or 7/35 odds. You hit the jackpot if all your numbers match, but remember, 40% of your winnings will be taxed.

Sports Betting

The Pari Sportif Algérien (PSA) was granted permission to accept sports bets at land-based lottery shops. No online lottery sites are permitted, although you can use a VPN and place your bets safely without getting caught. Sports include handball, volleyball, and football.

Horse Racing

Another legal form of offline betting in Algeria is horse racing. It is a vital part of Algeria’s history, and there are currently nine racing tracks operating in the country. People can bet on horses, but wagers are made live on the race tracks. 

Now that you know the gambling laws for each betting type in Algeria, it’s important to note how it is regulated. All winnings earned through betting are taxed at 40% individually, no matter the value, and losses are not deductible, to fund social welfare causes. 

Moreover, in 2010, internet censorship was enacted in Algeria and is now used to block websites threatening public decency and morality. Thus, operating a gambling site in Algeria is difficult, but offshore sites are a popular option. 

Best Online Casinos Is Algeria 

As online casino games are prohibited in Algeria, you must look for reliable offshore gambling sites and casinos where you can safely make deposits and win big. We are listing some of the best online casinos in Algeria below:

JackpotCity Casino

JackpotCity Casino was launched in 1998 and has been part of the online gambling scene since its inception. They have various video poker selections and are operable in multiple countries, including Algeria. They also have numerous deposit and withdrawal options, such as MasterCard, Skrill, direct bank transfer, etc.


Betway is one of the leaders in the European market and has been operating for 10+ years. The offshore provider offers multiple online casino games in Algeria, such as roulette, blackjack, live dealer games, and table games. The casino has a mobile app for iOS and Android through which you can bet and gamble easily. 


888Casino is one of the oldest and most reliable online casino sites. It offers a variety of online casino games, such as blackjack, roulette, video poker, slots, and a wide range of free games you can enjoy without any registration or deposit. 

Remember to stay vigilant and choose an online casino with good customer reviews, licenses, enhanced security, and a broad selection of games. 

Gambling is not legalized in most Arab countries; thus, your only option is to use safe and reliable offshore sites.

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