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Bridesmaid: in China becomes a profession

Bridesmaid: in China becomes a profession

By francesco

The attendants and companions of the spouses have always played a fundamental role throughout the wedding day. Usually these persons are friends or relatives of the new spouses, who have the task of accompanying those directly concerned for the duration of the ceremony, interacting with the guests and helping to make a day of such importance even more unique. The Covid, however, has put his hand again this time, preventing bridesmaids and witnesses to reach the newlyweds and accompany them to the altar before the fateful yes. A problem that has been solved in China thanks to the leased bridesmaids, girls who by profession accompany the bride at every stage of the event, from photos to the change of dress. A rapidly growing market, which only last year saw a 30% increase, with even more ambitious plans for the future.

Grow the demand from the public

More and more couples seem now looking for an escort for the wedding day, so much so that several agencies that provide this service were born in the country of the Dragon. From 10 to 20 requests per day are processed by these special agencies, which also provide a rather wide choice to meet the requirements of customers. In fact, the bridesmaid cannot be taller than the bride, she must be unmarried and must show up dressed and settled at the wedding. These are real actors who will have to pretend to be best friends or school friends of the bride, always showing herself active and ready to participate in games, dances or communicate with guests. Bridesmaids who come from all over the world and who receive from 80 up to 300€ for each service. Even travel and subsistence expenses are charged to the couple, who will have professional figures to make even more interesting what for many is the most important day of their lives.

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