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Announced the arrival of the new universal charger

Announced the arrival of the new universal charger

By francesco

A few days ago the European Parliamentโ€™s proposal aimed at standardizing chargers for electronic devices by 2024 was announced. Each device, according to the proposal, must be in fact equipped with a USB port type C, already commonly placed on many devices currently on the market. The move is part of the wider Radio Equipment Directive that will come into force in autumn 2024 and is poised to revolutionize the electronic world. Devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras and ebook readers, and by 2026 even PCs, will need the same port to charge the battery. A transformation that also translates into the use of a universal charger, specifically the Usb-C. It is actually the most widely used connection, except for Apple products and some obsolete devices that still mount the micro-USB port. The fact is that in two years this differentiation will no longer be possible.

Not only same cable but also similar charging speed

Just to reiterate then, in less than two years we will be able to recharge all our devices or gadgets through a single charging cable. Stopping the tangles of cables inside our backpacks, a single power supply with USB-C output will be able to do everything necessary to keep on the electronic devices that we now use. But the news does not end there: the agreement between the various EU bodies has also established a standard for charging speed. Therefore, there must also be a guaranteed minimum charging speed that can only be ensured by a similar basic wattage for all chargers that will go on the market. A real revolution that will affect PCs in the future, with the hope of EU countries that soon every sistem can enter the optic of wireless charging, considered cheaper and greener.

A revolution that also affects sustainability

A change, the one proposed, that will not only change our everyday life but will also have a strong environmental impact. In fact, according to EU estimates, 11,000 tonnes of electronic waste linked to chargers alone will be saved, in addition to 250 million euros of unnecessary purchases for citizens. A small difference, if you think that all over the planet, only in 2021, we were able to produce almost 60 million tons of e-waste. Despite this, it is impossibleย  to define it as an no important step, especially if it is incorporated with the Right to Repair, approved last year by European legislation and dedicated to the sustainable design of products. There is still a long way to go, but slowly we hope that every move will lead to results.

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