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Airbnb starts from a team of digital nomads

Airbnb starts from a team of digital nomads

By daniele

After the announcement made by Brian Chesky, it is now almost official the move of the other 6000 employees of the Airbnb travel site to work on the move, given the new possibility offered by the company to be able to work without going to the office every day. The choice of the CEO, who from the beginning of the year had chosen the path from digital nomad, is ready to strike also all the employees of the society that will be able to decide whether to return to work in the official centers or to continue the job in smart working thanks to the new technologies and taking advantage of the possibility to live elsewhere taking advantage of the lodgings offered by partners such as β€œWorkstations for digital nomads”. Chesky himself expressed positivity for the project in a letter stating: The ideal would be to be able to combine the best of digital and life in presence, the efficiency of video conferencing and the relationships that are created only when people sit together. We have found a solution that we believe offers the best of both worlds”. Except for corporate meetings held during the year, the choice of working abroad or traveling is completely in the hands of employees.Β 

Live and Work Anywhere as a revolutionary project

Ready not only to set a good example for other international companies, the project proposed by Airbnb, Live and Work Anywhere aims to offer all mobile workers, accommodation and locations where they can operate with peace of mind in smart working. A program that focuses on the cooperation of structures, local authorities and tourism companies to provide hubs with the aim of encouraging niche tourism, slowed in recent years by the economic and health crisis that has hit the entire globe. In addition to having a highly developed network that acts as a bridge between companies and destinations, in recent years the platform has gained enough experience on all the necessary requirements by those who work remotely, especially talking about permits and tax issues, as well as supply and useful tools. A number of selected locations will be optimized for this purpose, equipped to accommodate those who choose to work at a distance providing all the comforts and conveniences of the case. In the dedicated portal of the site, work everywhere, applications are already open for all those entities interested in the project which will be guaranteed an informative landing page for users with permits and visas required, promotion and sponsorship of this new concept of stay and communication campaigns to give visibility to the destination, emphasizing the hospitality designed and promoting this new idea of travel. In addition to the 15% already registered in the last year for long-term bookings, it promises another moment of focus for the Californian company that is ready to revolutionize the way of travel.


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